CGA are moving

September 29, 2020

We’re relocating from our London Office

As we wrote in last month’s blog, Covid-19 has changed the way everybody lives and works. For us, we have seen far less need to be office-based. As a company, we have systems in place which allow us all to work remotely just as effectively as we did before. At the moment, we can still go on site to various building and restoration projects as well as meet up in our Stevenage office. For that reason, we’ve moved out of Farringdon and are limiting risk for our customers and staff during this uncertain time for us all.

Our focus is on ensuring our staff and clients are safe.

While Farringdon is a fantastic location – it’s not ideal during a pandemic. Our staff have to use public transport to get there and social distancing in London can be difficult at times. Same goes for our clients. It’s imperative for us that everyone who works for us or with us is safe. In the present moment, we did not feel like that was possible in the Farringdon office.

Protection from a second lockdown

During the first lockdown, London became a really difficult to commute too and hard to practice social distancing. That meant we greatly limited our visits to the office, which had an impact on the speed we communicate and organise projects.

It seems quite possible we may have a second lockdown and without staff in the London office, we would undoubtedly have great disruption to our business operations. Our Stevenage office has a number of significant advantages which helps us protect our staff, clients and business.

Benefits of the Stevenage office

Our Stevenage office is more spacious which means we practice social distancing much easier than in London. Another big advantage is it is drivable! Our staff, clients and supply chain are able to drive to the office and park nearby which is of course encouraged. This change has meant CGA staff have been able to significantly decrease their exposure with others and subsequently lower the risk.

So what does this mean from CGA?

By moving the main office to Stevenage, we have made it safer for our staff, clients and supply chain minimised the potential business impact of a second lockdown. Who knows, we may return to London when circumstances change but for now it’s our priority to ensure safety.

We practice the highest standards of safety on site, and it will be no different in our office!