Clarendon Road


High End Residential


Private residence


16 Weeks

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Introduction / Scope:

Clive graham have recently completed an upgrade of mechanical and ventilation works at a high end private residential property in the heart of Holland Park. The works were to introduce a more energy efficient method of heating and cooling of the property with the introduction of air sour heat pumps. The property had an existing AC system that was under performing due to condenser location and acoustic housing. CGA removed the existing acoustic housing and introduced new air source heat pumps and an acoustic attenuation enclosure that would allow for regular maintenance. This also included the introduction of new AC internal units that we encapsulated within joinery and ceiling bulkhead.


The existing lighting was also adapted from existing halogen to more modern LED to ensure the property was more energy efficient. This also included introduction of additional new lighting where the client felt the existing scheme was lacking interface and works to the existing controls to ensure maximum use of the lighting within each area



1.       The client houses students from around the world who are studying medical degrees and the property was always occupied.

2.       Render repairs and decoration to the existing building required full access scaffold around the building whilst residents still occupied.



1.       Our site team worked with the client and the occupant with programming works in advance and communicating with the client of critical timing moves.

2.       CGA Introduced a fully alarmed and security connected scaffold. We worked with the client to ensure that all sensitive rooms had Correct screening over the windows that had light emitting properties as not to loose natural light