Lamb Street Mechanical Vents


Commercial Fit-out


Spitalfields Estates



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Introduction / Scope:

Within the heart of Spitalfields Estate Liverpool Street CGA were appointed to undertake the introduction of 6mechanical actuated vents on a busy service road that feeds the estate deliveries and the introduction of a new smoke vent with connection to the existing smoke extract system that is tied into the BMS and fire alarm system

The works were on a busy service road that leads down to the basement loading bay that caters for all the retail units within the Spitalfields estates and within close proximity and on the Allan& Ovary building life support system.


Introduction of the smoke vent required election of hoarding, removal of existing stone pavement finishes, cutting of the existing concrete slab with crash deck below to protect service road, installation of concrete upstand and install of fully actuated smoke vent



Working around a busy service road that leads down to the basement loading bay that serves the entire Spitalfields estates.

Erection of a structural temporary works design to allow for crash deck properties whilst track sawing and removing concrete slab



Working with the client on introducing a traffic management strategy with traffic lights fora one way system



Materials and components:

·        6x bespoke aluminium extract vent grills

·        Installation of ground actuated smoke vent

·        Cut existing wall and install ducted and smoke vent damper to existing extract system

·        Installation of5m by 5m grille to smoke vent