Lansdowne School Kitchen Refit




Lansdowne School – United Learning


6 weeks school summer holiday shut down for each project

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Introduction / Scope:

We undertook the project within the grounds of Lansdowne School during the six week summer shut down. The scope of works was to reconfigure and install a completely new kitchen food prep area to an existing unused art room. The work involved stripping out existing finishes throughout and inserting new kitchen and food preparation stations within the space with minimal disruption and effect on the existing surrounding areas.



The existing information on the services feeding the areas were minimal and there was no specific design brief on finishes or components, just what type of workstations were required.


We undertook thorough validations and trace out of the supplies that fed the existing location. This covered what was currently in the proposed location and planning routes and builders works for the new services ahead of the project during the design period. We also held up front design meetings on all finishes and components for the food prep areas.

Materials and components:

  1. Strip out of the existing art room finishes
  2. New services throughout
  3. New hygienic flooring
  4. New hygienic wall covering
  5. Upgraded LED lighting system to the existing ceiling
  6. New hygienic ceiling tiles
  7. Freestanding integrated food prep stations
  8. Cold storage
  9. New doors
  10. New kitchen finishes and work stations