Royal Opera House Chorus Rehearsal Room




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10 Weeks

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Scope & Overview:

Clive Graham Associates were awarded the prestigious project within the Royal Opera House rehearsal room. The scope of works in this busy historical building was to strip out the existing teared stage flooring strip the entire area back to fabric and install a new acoustically designed space for the rehearsals of the choir. Our team worked with the acoustic engineer on samples of the proposed timber wall panels. Engaged specialist staging contractors to coordinate and design the MEP services. Our specialist joinery company furthered the wall panel design and fitted joinery with the architect through the design stages and CGA worked with the client on key dates for occupation and their incumbent domestic contractors


  1. New stage flooring
  2. Design and manufacture a two-part removable balustrade for centre isle access
  3. Design and coordinate the fixed point balustrade that incorporated the music bin stages
  4. Design and fabricate a fully acoustic radius tiered stage
  5. Design and interface with the joinery a accessible stair lift that has integrated stanchions within the joinery
  6. New fitted joinery
  7. Acoustic panels throughout
  8. New floor finishes
  9. Make good and adapt existing ceiling
  10. Utilising existing mechanical services adapt and adjust supply and return to newly installed floor grills
  11. New curtains
  12. New feature stage joinery and acoustic panels system


  1. Working in an occupied busy building
  2. Logistically challenging
  3. Working in line with a constricted tight time frame for the works
  4. Design coordination with the joinery, stage flooring, metal balustrade and chair lift
  5. Working with client domestic contractors

Challenge solutions:

  1. Collaborative working with the client on noise restrictions and interface with ROH staff
  2. Coordination of waste removal and materials in with the building security and management
  3. The clients window of opportunity for the actual works were based around key start and completion dates. CGA worked on design coordination, validations and site surveys out of hours to complete the design and manufacture all materials. This allowed for a key delivery in the time allocated prior to start on site
  4. The main design of the stage floor was put into a master plan that all other design had to interface and coordinate around, stage floor balustrade, acoustic timber wall panels, a chair access lift, radius music stands
  1. Clive Graham interfaced and coordinated our programme with the key domestic contractors to ensure no delay to the completion of the project