CGA Ltd understands the range of impacts construction and associated site activities has on communities (local, regional and global) and on the earth’s natural resources (finite materials, water and energy).

CGA embrace resource efficiency as one of seven flagship initiatives in the Europe 2020 Strategy for smart sustainable and inclusive growth, while adopting sustainable models.

Based on four guiding principles, highlighted in the UK Strategy for Sustainable Development, CGA will:

Sustainable Consumption and Production
  • Specify and procure sustainable materials (A-Rate & certified such as FSC timber)
  • Appoint and assess supply chain partners based on sustainability performance
  • Identify opportunities for reuse and recycling of resources prior to work commence
  • Reduce waste to landfill and support Zero Waste initiatives through SWMPs
Climate Change and Energy
  • Communicate, train and incentivise staff to adopt energy efficient practices
  • Regularly service and maintain plant and machinery to optimise low emission rates
  • Set photocopiers, printers and scanners to B&W double sided as default
Natural Resource Protection and Enhancing the Environment
  • Specify and procure materials with low VOCs and a zero GWP
  • Conduct appropriate environmental assessments & mitigate environmental risk
  • Incorporate SUDs into our projects to minimise flooding & create wetland habitats
  • Fulfil objectives in Local Biodiversity Action Plans
  • Run at least one environmental initiative a year
Creating Sustainable Communities and a Fairer World
  • Support socioeconomic regeneration by employing and nurturing a local work force
  • Provide a safe & healthy working environment with appropriate education & training
  • Liaise and engage local communities and stakeholders in a responsible manner
  • Achieve above the average industry standard for Considerate Constructors Scheme
  • Meet community benefits targets to support the vulnerable and socially excluded
  • Purchase fairtrade and ethically certified products to support global communities
  • Measure our Equal Opportunities and Fair Employment at work policy