CGA and John Morden Centre: Winners of Architectural Excellence at RIBA Stirling Prize 2023

October 25, 2023

We are thrilled to share an extraordinary accomplishment: the John Morden Centre, an innovative retirement day care facility in London, has secured the prestigious RIBA Stirling Prize 2023. This award is the highest honor in British architecture, and as the dedicated contractors responsible for bringing this remarkable project to life, we couldn't be prouder of our involvement.

A Beacon of Sustainable Excellence

The RIBA Stirling Prize 2023 jury applauded the John Morden Centre for its pioneering use of sustainable materials, setting new standards for quality in social healthcare design. This project emerged victorious from a pool of five other remarkable contenders, establishing itself as an architectural triumph that effectively tackles complex societal challenges.

Our Commitment to Sustainable Innovation

At Clive Graham Associates, our commitment extends to pushing the boundaries of what is possible while remaining environmentally responsible. The John Morden Centre reflects this dedication to sustainability, innovation, and thoughtful design. It serves as an embodiment of sustainability, utilizing materials like cross-laminated timber to reduce its carbon footprint. Additionally, lime-based mortar and passive ventilation were employed to ensure energy-efficient heating and cooling.

A Therapeutic Oasis

The John Morden Centre goes beyond being a mere structure; it's a therapeutic environment. Designed to provide comfort, warmth, and a sense of belonging, it features thoughtful elements tailored to meet the diverse needs and abilities of elderly residents. These considerations include concealed wooden handrails, built-in seating, and high-contrast floor patterns, which offer support and navigation aids. Embracing the principles of "biophilic design," the building harmoniously connects with its surrounding natural environment. The garden's focal point is a stately cedar tree, complemented by seating areas designed to appreciate the changing natural light.

Clive Graham Associates' Integral Role

Clive Graham Associates played an integral role in realizing the vision of the John Morden Centre. Our involvement in this complex project entailed taking a fundamental stage 2 design to stage 4, facilitating procurement and installation. We successfully navigated challenges, including an existing concrete slab devoid of technical structural literature and a curtain wall system that required new components for window installation. With the collaboration of a structural engineer, we effectively validated the structural slab and engaged specialist metalworkers and curtain wall manufacturers to address the window requirements.

Inspiring Positive Change in Adult Social Care

This outstanding achievement underscores the potential for transformative change in adult social care. It inspires those in the fields of health and care to create environments that enhance people's mental and physical well-being. We take great pride in being a part of this journey and eagerly anticipate our continued contributions to architectural excellence and innovation. The RIBA Stirling Prize 2023 is more than an award; it is a celebration of the art of creating spaces that enhance lives and a testament to the enduring impact of architecture on our world.

Muyiwa Oki's Perspective: Architectural Solutions for Today's Challenges

RIBA President Muyiwa Oki remarked,

"The 2023 Stirling Prize shortlist illustrates why architecture matters to all of us. These six remarkable buildings offer thoughtful, creative responses to the complex challenges we face today. Whether it's addressing issues like loneliness, community building, or heritage preservation, these projects provide bold blueprints for purposeful architecture."

You can view the Morden College project by clicking here

Contractor Clive Graham Associates

Interior Design Scott-Masson Interior Design

Structural Engineer Michael Hadi Associates

Environmental / M&E Engineer BOOM

Quantity Surveyor / Cost Consultant Calford Seaden

Project Management Calford Seaden

Landscape Architect J&L Gibbons

Planning Consultant Stanway Little