GSK Car Park Upgrade


Commercial Fit-out


Glaxon Smith Kline


22 weeks over 3 Phase

Pound sign


Clive Graham Worked with our repeat business client GSK to design, manufacture and introduce a new site wide LED lighting scheme, new underground carp park surface finishing and Dot matrix site wide intelligent vehicle recognition occupancy signage .

New Lighting:

CGA worked with the client and our supply chain in phasing areas of the underground car parks with replacement of the existing dilapidated lighting units. Replacement lighting and presence detection were in a new layout that CGA designed with the client on best use of the new proposed carpark routes in and out. All lighting were replaced with no effect on the daily usage of the carpark and behind segregation as not to put the workers at risk.


Car Park Surface replacement:

With the nominated specification from GSK, CGA appointed the specialist surface installer Deck master. The car park was phased like the lighting and the contractor under controlled conditions removed the existing surface topping in preparation for the new application. Each phase was in line with the new layout deign with GSK and signed off prior to hand over


VMS Site signage:

CGA and VMS worked with the client to establish a new site wide car park signage, belisha beacon crossing, car number plate recognition to the entrance barriers and   new speed awareness signage site wide. This system was all connected to the security hub at reception and the entrance.


1.       Structural foundation and power supplies to areas where not present

2.       Install of new signage and shutting down access roads for site vehicle circulation

3.       Phasing car park and re-routing vehicles to allow for safe access to and from the car park



1.       CGA had to undertake a site wide sumo scan of the area where the new proposed signage and structures were to be placed. These were in garden areas, existing paved pedestrian areas and car parks. All new foundations need to be designed with wind and general loading being considered.

New power supply routes had to be excavated and run from centralised power supply locations tot he new foundations and taken in via new service ducts designed in the foundations

2.       Installation of the new site wide sign was challenging. CGA worked with the security and GSK project managers to ensure all routes had safe and full signed diversion methods around the works as to protect the workers, pedestrians, and vehicles

3.       CGA works with the client on phasing the car park works for the lighting and the ground surface upgrade as not to affect the daily use of the car park. All works were carried out behind Heras fencing and anti-collision barriers. The areas around the entrance and exit to the car park were carried out out of hours as not toaffect the client’s usage


Materialsand components:

·        Structural foundation ad power supplies for new VMS signage

·        Site wide carpark information signage

·        New belosha beacon and pedestrian crossing surfaces

·        New VNPR cameras

·        New speed awareness signage

·        Upgrade and new zoning of energy efficient lighting site wide

·        Car Park surface replacement with a New circulation one way layout