Bats Relocated: Ecological Services and Asbestos Removal at Former MoD Site




Stranton Residential Ltd


12 Weeks

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CGA has recently completed an out of the ordinary project, at a former Ministry of Defence (MoD) site in Bicester, Oxfordshire. 

We were appointed to undertake ecological services at the site, removal of asbestos and cladding to existing warehouse buildings in preparation for demolition. The ecological elements of the works
involved the construction of a brick-built Bat roosting barn, that would provide a stable micro-climate to encourage the Bats that were residing within the disused warehouses to move on from the warehouse spaces which are set to be demolished.

The 72-acre former MoD site contained multiple railway links, which had been used to service loading areas used during World War II, accessing five warehouses that had been used to store rations, combat clothing and communications equipment.

The project involved working closely with ecologists, archaeologists and in strict accordance with the environmental licenses, due to the large wildlife presence of Deer, Foxes, Woodpeckers and Bats.
We had to carefully consider the procurement and sourcing of ecological building materials such as Bat access Bricks and Tile and Bug boxes.

The future of the site is still under consideration as the client looks to optimise land use, support local economies, and adapt to changing needs.