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6 weeks school summer holiday shut down + variation of 3 week

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Introduction / Scope:

We were successfully appointed by Lambeth Academy to undertake the upgrade of the existing fire compartmentation with new fire door installation to all circulation corridors, replace existing riser doors with FD 60 compliant doors and upgrade all existing doors. The project was undertaken in the constricted duration of the six weeks annual summer holiday break.Our site team worked with both our specialist door suppliers, contractors and the school incumbent contractors for fire alarm and access control to ensure that the project was planned and completed on time. Prior to starting on site, a full survey of structural opening of existing doors was undertaken to allow for the procurement of new 60 minute fire rated doors. A full survey of the existing doors that were due to be upgraded was also done. This scope was to take an existing door and introduce new lipping, smoke seals, and door closers.



To ensure the timely procurement of the doors as well as also surveying the actual fire stopping requirement outside the tender sum scope.



Our solution was to undertake site surveys of the doors and intrusive investigations to areas requiring fire stopping. We populated a full due diligence survey on the areas within the tender docs and areas needing works outside of the contract works. All variations were undertaken within the six weeks allotted time.


Materials and components:

  1. 40 x timber FD 60 corridor doors
  2. Door closers and fire alarm interface
  3. Upgrade of existing door access control system
  4. Fire stopping works to circulation areas
  5. Form new partitions to new fire strategy layout and compartmentation requirements
  6. Paint finishes throughout all existing doors and architraves
  7. Paint finishes to new doors and architraves
  8. Overhaul existing steel external doors with new suited cylinders and door furniture