New Market Phase 2






22 Weeks

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Introduction / Scope:

Clive Graham have just successfully completed the first phase of a multiple phased project within an existing warehouse lab for IDEXX. IDEXX a worldwide pharmaceutical water treatment company acquired the adjacent warehouse unit in Newmarket. The first phase of this multi phased project was to allow for some packaging, lab, and office moves in the following phases.


CGA under a Design & Build Contract full designed the introduction of the structure and Mechanical and electrical services. Our incumbent designer took a basic stage 2 design through to stage 4to allow for procurement and installation.


The works consisted of construction of a new mezzanine level, upgraded comfort cooling and heating system for the IDEXX staff and to allow for swing space to accommodate the following second phase that CGA have already started



The Client retained occupation through the project to allow for the business to remain trading during the works.

There was a need to shoe horn into the existing mechanical plant feeds and supplies from the buildings AHU on the existing mezzanine floor


Clive Graham worked with the Client's project team to phase the works into multiple phases as to allow for the client to remain in occupation.
Our team undertook works out of hours to get the main branch of the Mechanical supplies around the building. This was to allow for the feeds to be tapped into during the main body of the installation. Each phase was tested commissioned prior to handing back to the client.

Materials and components:

- New Passenger Lift Installation
- Cat 2 Lab installation
- Introduction of Lab extraction
- Glazed Partitions
- Hygenic walls finishes
- New doors
- Fire rated Partitions
- New ceilings throughout
- Modern lighting scheme
- Meeting rooms
- Open Plan Office
- Roller shutter
- New Staircase
- New electrical system throughout
- Introduction of new structural opening in existing fabric
- Lab furniture
- Hygienic Ceilings