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Wellcome Trust


4 Phases over 20 weeks

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Introduction / Scope:

Due to the outbreak of the Covid virus the Home Office tasked the Wellcome Trust of increasing their sampling turnover specifically for Covid by 80%, to enable the increase in works required to achieve the increase additional and upgraded equipment would be required with the ability to store more samples.

Strip out the existing laboratories back to the building fabric and alter the space and service arrangements and amount to create a larger space for a lot ofadditional equipment along with a more ergonomic and process driven spaces.


The works required several electrical distribution boards shutdowns whilst still maintaining power to essential equipment and science teams agreement amongst other scientific projects being carried out that utilizes the same services, this required close working with all staff effected by each board and ensuring that no science was interrupted by installing uninterrupted temporary supplies as required.

Due to the extreme heat gain by the new DNA sequencing machines we had to design and install a new Hybrid VRF capable of40Kw of cooling heating to three rooms.



Working in conjunction with the client on key shutdowns as not to affect the surround sensitive Labs and systems


Materials and components:

·        Fosters Refrigeration

·        Mitsubishi Hybrid VRF

·        Optima Glazing

·        Hygienic Door sets

·        Hygienic Walling

·        Vinyl Safety Flooring

·        Fire Alarm

·        Access Control  

·        Controlled air regimes