Lava Lab - Nova Fitout


Commercial Fit-out


Atkins Group


8 Weeks

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Introduction/ Scope:

The building was occupied during the works and undertaken behind hygienic hoarding.

CGA worked closely with the client and occupants to ensure that there was total segregation between CGA and the floors occupants.

The project scope consisted of introduction of a new method of conference calling immersion suit and meeting rooms within an open plan office environment.

The scope and materials used with of a high-end finish and new technology for total immersion and sound proofing whilst in a video conference. The technical design of the room was to have replicated rooms on site, layout and audio video abilities in various locations around the world. The new technology of mimicking and audio video conference with people in other clone meeting rooms allowed for projections onto the walls live to give the occupant a totally immersed feeling on live virtual video meeting.  


All works for the proposed Mechanical &Electrical services were to be taken from existing feeds within a large occupied open plan office. To start with CGA and our design team had to undertake a full validation and location of the services to ensure the original design could be introduced to the existing. This works was undertaken with working closely alongside the buildings Maintenance team. All findings from validations were issued out to the building maintenance, The landlord and inserted to the design requirements of the new room layouts.

The ceiling void was also very congested and to introduce further challenges the soffit had castellated beams that had specific penetrations for services that were designed originally for the existing layout. So, all Mechanical & Electrical services introductions and alteration had to be fully coordinated and planned prior to procurement and installation.


CGA undertook a full ceiling void survey mapping of the existing ceiling void and in the absence of any As built DWG design produced a new set of existing and proposed M&E coordinated design that utilised the minimal steel beam service penetration that met the design of the rooms that the change in service catered for. All design drawings had to undergo design team, client and then for approval to allow for licence to alter by the landlord.  

Materials and components:

1.       Removal of existing ceilings

2.       Removal, relocation, and introduction of existing mechanical services

3.       Introduction of new Data and telecoms to space

4.       New lighting controls and small power to location

5.       New full height plasterboard partitions to a high sound proofing specification

6.       Installation of acoustic ceilings

7.       Introduction of state of the art audio & video cameras, speakers and projection plant

8.       New high specification lighting system with Scene controls

9.       Projection friendly wall finishes

10.     Introduction of credenza joinery

11.     Optima loft double glazed partitions systems

12.     Floor finishes

13.     Corporate Signage and wall graphics